Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the WATER World Forum for Life?

The initiative aims, through water as an essential good for life and a starting point, to address in a transversal way the environmental sustainability and good practices in preserving the environment. It has as its main objectives, the discussion of the measures already adopted and to be implemented at the level of environmental policies, the presentation of solutions energy-efficient solutions and case studies, raising public and business awareness of the theme, the framework and analysis of the 2030 agenda for the issues, bring together national and international entities with impact in the area, enable the exchange of international experiences and strengthen the strategies and environmental policies in the manifestation of common interest in favor of a more motivated and more aware society.


What is the format of the event?

The event will be held in a hybrid digital format with worldwide broadcasting. In the conferences we will have live Guests and Speakers, as well as others participating remotely. The conferences, sports activities and evening shows will be broadcast on television with reports, interviews and adequate spaces for debates and presentations.
The event will have an interactive multimedia platform that allows free participation for everyone, all over the world, and that will give access to the streaming of all content, as well as the networking area where you can get in touch with other visitors and schedule and hold meetings directly on the platform.
You will also have the possibility to access the exhibition area where you can visit all the virtual stands of the event’s partners, sponsors and exhibitors, see the services/products they offer, send direct messages or just send your data to be contacted later.


How can I attend the event?

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid fight the event will be limited to a number of guests still to be defined. Priority will be given to the event’s partner entities and if it is possible to have the participation of more guests there will be available on the website an access for registrations on a “first come first serve” basis until the maximum capacity limit is reached.

To watch the event in streaming, simply access our website at www.waterworldforum.com and register by clicking on the button for that purpose. On the day of the event you will receive an email with a link to watch the event live. If you cannot see the email, simply access the website again, click on “Watch Now” and enter the credentials you created during registration.


How can I access the networking area of the event?

After entering the online platform of the event you just need to select “networking”, accept the “disclaimer” and instantly you will be in the area where you can exchange messages, make video calls, send your contacts, etc, interacting with visitors who have also accessed this feature.


How can I visit the exhibitors’ booths?

After entering the event’s online platform just select the area exhibitors to access all the partners, sponsors and exhibitors present at the event. In this area you can get in direct contact with the exhibitor and learn more about their products/services.


Where will the event be held?

On the banks of the Alqueva, on the River Beach of Monsaraz.


When will the conference program take place?

The conference program will take place on our two stages on the 4th and 5th June.


Water in Action: which sports will be present at the event?

Multiple race types to test riders’ abilities at high speeds, fast turns, and endurance
with Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards, Wakeboard competition with world reference athletes and a presentation of Electric Boats (boats developed at an academic level using green technology).


What is E-Hydrofoil Surfboards?

A 100% electric and silent board that allows you to surf above water level with speeds up to 50km/h.


Water & Light Show: what is it?

A multimedia show that brings together light, video projections on a curtain of water, music and other special effects in the mirror of water offered by the Alqueva. Focused on nature, it is an inspirational journey through a story about sustainability. It will be presented on the evenings of the 3rd (preview), 4th and 5th of June.


What will the concert on June 5 – World Environment Day – be like?

The World Environment Day Concert will be held on June 5, as a pre-show to the Water & Light Show, where the music from national and international guests will highligh that special day.


What is the distance from Lisbon, Porto and Faro?

Reguengos and the Centro Náutico de Monsaraz are located approximately 191km from Lisbon (2h), 401 km from Porto (4h30) and 243 km from Faro (2h40)


Is parking available on site? Is there transportation from the park to the event?

There will be several parking areas near the event. There will be a transfer network between the parking lots and the main gate of the event. All guests that have an electric vehicle will be able to park their car near the event, in an exclusive parking area for this type of vehicles.


Is there food available on site?

There is a Food court (open to all) and the Water Sunset lounge (limited access).

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