By Leading

Debate challenges for the present and future to tackle the biggest threats of the 21st century. With stage presentations and debate panels with a variety of Speakers and Experts (national and international).

By Empowering

Share information and insights so people know how to act.
With an Exhibition Hall where participants can interact with products and services that allow them to gain a new consciousness of the problem, while, at the same time, experimenting possible solutions.

By Inspiring

A multimedia show that brings together light, video projections on a curtain of water, music and other special effects in the mirror of water offered by the Alqueva. Focused on nature, it is an inspirational journey through a story about sustainability.

By Engaging

Activities that engage with multiple race types to test riders abilities at high speeds, fast turns, and endurance with Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards,
wakeboard competition with world reference athletes and a presentation of Electric Boats.

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